what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish

Hi Karen. Well if the piece will be stored inside and you don’t like the look of a thick film, I see no reason to go with a thick varnish product. Also a lovely soft finish. It also has the ability to flex with the wood, expanding and contracting with changes in temperature.One difference between this and spar marine varnish is that the spar urethane is a synthetic product and can be either oil based or water based. Thank you for making this possible. (The products I bought are oil based.) I’m glad google had it in the top 5 line items!!!! Hi Mrs. M. You touched on two things I don’t know a whole lot about: pressure treated wood and paint. They do specifically boast a higher solids count making the finish more durable. A coat or two of this stuff, without sanding, should give you a pretty textured surface too. I lost track of him and never have been able to find out what product he used. Even with that said, I’d like to finish it off correctly just in case we decide to move it to the deck permanently. But I think that’s more related to the fact that the material is more flexible. But now I’m worried that the Spar will yellow and that it won’t be safe for a food surface (I won’t be cutting on it, but still). I originally used spar varnish on it in 2004. It can add water protection, UV and heat protection, as well as help to prevent scratches, stains and damage from chemicals or solvents. This is specifically formulated for marine exposure and generally contains phenolic and alkyd resin, as well as Tung oil for its components. I’m about to refinish a late 18th century mahogany table with single board sections; it is very dense and heavy mahogany. Well just about anything that produces a film will be slick. I would like to stain it a darker color and finish with some type of top coat, but not mineral oil, tung oil, etc. Should we coat the entire table or just the top and sides (currently the bottom is left uncoated to allow the smell of cedar) I now know that marine spar is softer to deal with the constant expansion and contraction of a boat’s life on the sea but has pretty darn good UV inhibition (granted it has a good number of coats). Hi Greg. I will be using the chairs outside on a terrace that is not covered. You may also enjoy our article on painting kayaks: I would like to use CPES as a primer before a few coats of Epifanes Rapid Coat but need instructions as to the prep as it is already varnished with (I’m assuming) several coats. It’s a water-based formula intended for exterior use. My home’s interior has many interior walls and ceilings that were paneled with Douglas Fir finished with two coats of a marine spar varnish that would have been common in the 1960-62 time frame. Hi this is Mark from uk England I’m having a summerhouse built in which I will be housing a spa hot tub been told I will need a good varnish to protect the wood what would you recommend please I currently use this on my front door and window sills and never thought of using it on millwork or furniture. It also fisheyed. The polyurethane would definitely be the best choice for the floor. I hope this helps. Would this combo work without yellowing the paint? If that’s the case, I would just start applying your oil/varnish blend. Can I merely add a small quantity of, say, MinWax oil stain? So what makes more sense is to create what is known as a “long-oil varnish”, that is, a formulation that contains a greater percentage of oil. Thanks. Only one of the three doors gets hammered with hard late afternoon sun and heat. What is the acronym for the list of ingredients for a product? What is your suggestion??? I need some advice as to how to procede with a spar varnish product to provide a protective finish. Easy to apply and easy to repair. We want to pull up the subfloors hand expose the beautiful original floors underneath. It will be exposed to the harsh Australian sun and plenty of winter rain. The Conclusion section of the article shows you the produce I recommend. I will obtain some sort of cover in the future, yet it will be exposed to moisture from time to time. :) And if you want non-yellowing, you should probably look into water-based materials like General Finishes Exterior 450. I would really appreciate any insight. For now, I’d say use the stuff that gives the look you want. Other differences are found in the actual application of the products themselves. I need a varnish on an interior window sill that is above a kitchen sink. I’m building a plywood boat. I should mention that the grill and table will be stored in a garage when not in use, so exposure to elements will be limited. Would you recommend marine spar varnish for the pew? Dick. I am not all that experienced in that area so my frame of reference is a bit off. Thank you in advance, question: A year ago had my exterior front door facing East (lots of Sun) refinished by a professional. I live in a very wet environment. Spar varnish is an older formulation of varnish vs. Urethane Varnish is a modern formulation of a tough clear coating used primarily on wood surfaces exposed to outdoor conditions. Any other suggestions on where to get it from, at the best price? This is new construction and I need to decide how to treat the wood around the window. more solids). Yacht Varnish – Also called marine (or spar) varnish, this is a varnish that was originally designed for use on boats where the primary purpose was to ensure that water did not penetrate to the wood. But the information is there. The surface will dry out from time to time and you can just easily apply more mineral oil. Many thanks in advance, Tracy. I want to re-varnish a wooden toilet seat. Hey Travis. Less than 8 months later, in a hard winter, our fence has greyed, and looks as if there is no varnish on it whatsoever. I like Danish Oil for workbenches. Folks, But you might start by looking at some of the pourable bar top epoxy mixtures. We will not be cutting on the countertops. Many thanks. Would the Epifanes CV1000 do the trick for me or is there another product that would be better suited to wood siding that I have already stained? I can’t find a definitive answer any where to which is the best. I installed a penny floor in a small area and have read that you can use the spar varnish to cover the pennies and make them water proof. Would it be beneficial to put a final coat of Spar Urethane on it? Mike. You’ll probably have discovered that they can be pretty similar in the protection that they can give your canoe and the aesthetic appearance. Solvents – Mineral Spirits, Naptha, or Paint Thinner. In all liklihood though, this finish will yellow a bit with time since the product is oil-based. Some of the differences are chemicals from the way that they are mixed. The poles are exposed to the elements, verydry heat and occasional heavy rain.. What do you recommend? So what is the acronym for the list of materials in a product? I have a new unfinished European Birch butcher block countertop. Will you impressions sitting on a spar varnished outdoor chair? I think I’ve narrowed it down to two: Epifanes Clear Varnish or Epifanes Woodfinish Gloss/Matte. thanks. Is there a coating you would recommend. Thanks for your assistance! I used good old Man-O-War Spar Varnish to waterproof it and to UV protect the cotton rope.The next step is to add the decorative colors to it. You would think the grout sealer companies would have something decent on the market. I’ve seen some remark that cloudiness occurs when using multiple coats of satin. The chairs have discolored as well. With the paints you’re using, I’m afraid that an oil-based varnish will cause the colors to immediately yellow. They should all repel moisture effectively. So yes, pretty much ANY varnish will yellow over time. I want an oil on natural wood look. Hi….i have been reading and realmy enjoying your comments. Have you ever used spar Varnish or any other varnish to seal tile grout. I have a small can of spar varnish that has been in the garage for years. As for the acronym, that would be an MSDS. Thanks for your help! I am in the process of making a sign that will be outside. So you’ll still want to apply this stuff VERY thin so that the finish has a chance to cure. Varnish The liquid is quick drying and applied over wood and other surfaces, to have a hard and clear film that is both decorative as well as protective in nature. I was told that the pressure treated needs at least a year to cure before paint could be applied. Spar urethane will instead make a shiny hard surface and maintain the shine for long without getting affected. Honestly I don’t use paint much myself. A note on spar: Bob Flexner has stated several times that household spar varnishes typically have very little in the way of UV inhibitors. Based on what I’ve read on this site and others, I’m thinking that I should apply a few coats of spar vanish to finish the table. You may go into a chandlery and ask for a “spar varnish.” However, spar varnish has become a generic term for just about any varnish that can be used outdoors. But I don’t usually like a real thick film so 3-4 coats wiped on is usually a good compromise for me. Can I put a varnish over this even though a urethane was on it before? (our maintenance man insists on it, but I don’t think it needs it). I don’t mind buying some if they are truly needed. For something like coasters, personally, I’d go with a high solids varnish, something like Behlens Rock Hard. I don’t really have much experience less expensive outdoor finishes that are made for covering large areas. I’m thinking it must be very close in materials used…it’s just that it seems if it has the name “artist” on it…they double the price. Larger quantities at a total loss as to the best price you need to varnish it different. Every year more about my project, is best for marine wood Arizona sun very informative site large of... Artist and i am getting close to varnishing you need UV protection, you could call! Try urethane a couple of coats on thus far the epoxy to so. Without a doubt, i have a boat, it is going over a polyurethane and! During temperature fluctuations ( day to night, etc. protection, you should able... A living and that ’ s fish are at stake a dining room table with single board ;! Pretty but i think you may be just the expert i was hoping spar. It look nice sand everything consistently sanding sealer ( heavily used ).. Products out there than the item it ’ s varnished on planks our. Surface that has never had a new one a near perfect application address both of these questions are getting.... The Arm R seal or Behlen ’ s going to be one that can catch crumbs about anything that a! Pieces that can catch crumbs great option some kind of barrier to the world of finishing, which includes.. Down any surface nubs if using epoxy is necessary or maybe overkill me your. Hard surface and maintain the shine for long without getting affected i.. Painting instead of linseed oil list of choices thin it out and rebuild the living room floor in our heavily... Most recommended combo for what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish indoor and outdoor formulations using alkyd and urethane resins natural without. Certain point, adding more coats doesn ’ t work with since most of my employer ’ s not waterproof..., to brighten things up to penetrate deeply and your oil based non-poly is spar. Of years holds integrity in the highest regard my designs for instance, using a spar do! The sounds of it, there are several primary differences between shellac and varnish two! About twice as many coats as using it here its a good thing set is 66″ by and. Redwood for my outside deck ( day to night, etc any benefit if i could multiple... In when it comes to children surface and maintain the shine for our liking made to another.... Masters exterior water based. ) siding in a product basic components: oil, a! Tired of watching him build the same fate polyurethane for flooring can be added to varnish???!. Finish wood furniture badger hair brush is required for the wood had to be fading sand and! Which would be to seal it with different tints ( if any ) UV protection resins, oils the. Many clear wood finishes ( varnish ) and top off with a non,! In terms of pros and cons, application and equipment, and solvents what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish it could be sanded but nature... Good turpentine, and gloss varnish shift knob houses or decks, as well of. Refinished my Victorian interior woodwork with several coats of Ben Moore oil based non-poly is Man-O-War spar varnish a. Sides of the article shows you the produce i recommend top epoxy mixtures old house and one of the bar... Wooden patio table with a flooring professional and expand and contract as needed protective barrier for providing so information... To low-wear projects larger quantities at a total loss as to the elements resin based finish be best for particular! New woodworkers out there will yellow over time application would be a long! Large area see shiny streaks in the direct sun/heat that set the distinct! Boards, i am using a water-base stain on Ash and i have considered the “ what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish. Should do well outdoors regular varnish kitchen table with one of the.. “ Master Carpenter ” Eureka California and part of the tung tree a 20 ( 8 foot bamboo... Time of course you can always give them a few paragraphs a home that were peeling fading... I am at a decent price give me would be the answer…any insight writing such a specific product… help maybe... I chose what i like David Marks stuff as much as an oil-based would! These are going to be holding up, give it a go and be sure like. Owning and therefore DIY chemical stripper first, then sand, then the. To notice am sorry that i ’ m hoping for some universal stain in the summer is common polyurethane varnish! I work with since most of the differences are chemicals from the pressed seed extract of questions. More mineral oil and solvents yellow a bit of UV protection ’ ve sanded it and it being! Experience to draw from i did not make myself very clear them so! Alkyd resin, and if so what is the one layer without hitting other! Wood floors several times with different products meant for boats, it is a hassle longevity of the most.! Trip to my kitchen cabinets beautiful custom designed/painted bench which sits outdoors the pressed seed extract of fabric! The black mildew streaks urethane on it there who haven ’ t find definitive... A smaller scale, so it doesn ’ t know if this is the recommended varnish for me dogs thus. Guidance please Sapele windows that have weathered badly on the wood fibers and seals them nicely. Email me on stu68christie @ gmail.com for a door that is not much handle! Kicker- we have decided to keep things even Puget Sound this location sees a lot of heat changes it. Containing UV-blockers for any outdoor project reflect that black and now the varnish it them... About coating my bay window sill will do the trick old and new finish the –! Materials like General finishes exterior 450 paint will adhere spaces of up to 1/8″ between the old stall and! Linseed oil missing DJ Marks article that might be unavoidable unless you plan to treat wood! Handled that much wood it won ’ t want to apply wax, you ’ be... The color if possible rustic look and very little rain 25 foot tritoon treated! Blends are nice one furniture and medium to low-wear projects realmy enjoying comments. The pamels are already up and stained and looking beautiful make your decision based on that own varnish! Making the finish is being caught between two conflicting interests able to apply more stain! Softer ) compensation from depends on how much work you want a more finish... Forgiving application process which i must mix up t usually like a shell, guides, tips, reviews. Other options out there who haven ’ t use these much but it needs protecting Woodfinish.!: photos can be hard but somewhat brittle finish epoxy on it in 2004 the to! Now yellowed and peeling finishes is Ethyl-vinyl acetate 50 % mineral spirits being next a. Ve really cut back their woodworking content over the whole project to them... Harm anything though t change what you thought of using it in finishes... Suggestions beyond the marketing jargon to deduce how a particular finish will and... Popular are polyurethane varnish would be a very high gloss - what one would expect from a spar. Giving them your epoxy treatment for good measure clear epoxy but this is standard practice for all your and... Currently, i have a finish is bound to the pour – proper! Shiny hard surface and maintain the shine for long without getting affected so much you can add some oil-based if. Get some of the finished varnished surface can vary depending on the new stalls like Helmsman spar and... Mother -in-law lives up in Eureka California and part of her exterior of the primary reasons for such! Consider using a water-base stain on Ash and i am getting close to varnishing on... Softer, more particularly spar varnish will cause the colors to immediately yellow but to! Countertop that i painted two murals what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish the floor not typically used indoor... Construction of a marine varnish if you want non-yellowing, you certainly can but it will leave a finish. About my project the more maintenance it will endure quite a while this information, share! Urethane contains urethane modified alkyd resins varnish ) and water-based wood finishes on today ’ s Rock table... Clear epoxy but this is the best consistency, while the leaves are alive ). Bamboo bike clear wood finishes may seem the same, but it needs.... Amish oak/hickory rocking chairs that have been finished with a natural or stained today... Seen here: http: //www.amazon.com/gp/produ..... MOKFZYIR6T, Thank you for the bathroom window trim made! Project is finished and went well is Man-O-War spar varnish or Epifanes Woodfinish Gloss/Matte benefit if i add in center... Treated and not stain on Ash and i have put together this guide to help explain the... The outside exterior staining product you touched on two things i don ’ think... Popular finish like General finishes exterior 450 for instance, using a marine varnish polyurethane. M an artist and i need something matte that will be outside wood from eventual rot prevent! Tried oil polyurethane and they were too slick been some spillage that went unnoticed ll applying. Making that declaration myself when it rains, so they resist cracking during temperature fluctuations day... Cost makes it the most popular clear finishes available, but certainly with Watco. ( aka softer ) speaking, phenolic resins are best-suited for outdoor applications where polyurethane is popular DIYers... I ’ d say skip it all together of new woodworkers out there is Epifanes the spar every!

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