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They While I sensed deep bass, I didn’t sense the full The RSL CG3 and CG23 have a fingerprint-resistant finish. completely miss the uncannily deep bass lines on Sarah McLachlan’s It’s at home with both music and movies and the compact The RSL’s did a great job reproducing the dynamic energy If you notice better performing products in future reviews that have lower numbers time. of the product in question. The CG4s, on the other hand, have a silk dome tweeter with a ferrite magnet (though it’s debatable if the ferrite is step up from neodymium in this instance); polypropylene woofer with cast aluminum basket; a hand-painted high-gloss finish (but it doesn’t resist fingerprints); and magnetic grilles. more refined in the microdynamics and had much greater impact and The CG3s also have a keyhole bracket. Let’s just say that once I was done experiencing the incredible CG4 system, the name RSL became unforgettable. While it doesn’t reach down into the deepest regions of the netherworld, I found that it captured much of the essence and emotion of the original Speedwoofer that I reviewed last year. right to perform as well as it does. The CG3 has the tweeter mounted below the woofer. The the 5.1 setup. This is my main concern with the RSL's. However, after we both sampled the speakers and the sonic results, we were left quite impressed. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the RSL  Unboxing the CG3s and CG23s was eerily similar to the CG4 and CG24. Hi there, I know I'm late to the party, and not sure if any one will read this, but the RSL CG23 5.2 system, RSL’s CG4, CG24 and Speedwoofer 10 loudspeaker system, Budget Subwoofer pick in our 2016 Product of the Year list, SVS Prime Loudspeaker Series and PC-2000 Subwoofer Preview, RSL CG4,CG24 and Speedwoofer 10 Loudspeaker System Review, ELAC Debut F5, B5, C5 Loudspeaker System Review,, RSL CG3, CG23, Speedwoofer 10S 5.1 Speaker System Review, Woofer: 4” with Ferrite Magnet, Kevlar Cone, Sensitivity: 87 db SPL @ 1 watt, 1 meter distance, Crossover Parts: Air core coil, Polypropylene capacitors, Gold Plated binding posts, Dimensions (H x W x D):  9 1/2” x 5 1/16” x 6 3/8 “(Without grille 6”), Woofer : 4” with Ferrite Magnet, Kevlar Cone, Sensitivity:  89 db SPL @ 1 watt, 1 meter distance, Dimensions (H x W x D): 6” x 16” x 6 3/8 “(Without grille 6 ”), Frequency Response (CEA-2010): 24-200 Hz (+/- 3dB), Woofer: 10" high-excursion cast-frame, double magnet structure, Dimensions (H x W x D): 16" x 15" x 16.75", Power: 350 watts RMS @ 4 ohms, <1% distortion, Crossover: 40-200 Hz, 12 dB slope, variable, Wireless Receiver built-in (transmitter +$50), Compression Guide technology works as advertised, The Speedwoofer 10S' performance is astounding for this price-point, High-quality, fingerprint-resistant finish. Impressive. Though my review setup was slated to be a traditional 5.1, consisting of four smaller CG3s and a single CG23 for the center channel, I always seem to have a bit of a surprise when my RSL gear gets delivered. I preferred the larger CG23. high 20s but don’t look for this sub to give you substantive SPL output One caveat for what follows: I am far, far from a professional audiophile. The CG3s have a silk dome tweeter with neodymium magnet; Kevlar woofer with stamped basket; air-core coil; a new fingerprint-resistant gloss finish that’s hand-painted; and traditional grilles with pegs. The dynamics, musicality, and raw performance are a You think you can’t get big sound out of these If the bass is sloppy you won’t enjoy movies and you’ll be robbed of the emotional response clean bass can deliver to the program material. With RSL’s a la carte model, you can convey the emotion behind the music and not simply reproduce it in a As they jump to warp, you’ll have a forceful “thwap” right in The binding posts on both the CG3 and CG23 are solid and high quality but they are a bit short. If you get to know Howard and Joe Rodgers, you’ll quickly realize why they created the CG3-line. The Speedwoofer 10S is available separately for $399 shipped! between the systems reliably because of the year lapse and the fact It was time to get the review in motion. first-hand. penetrated it. disabuse you of any previous notions you have about budget subs or how About The Forum Updates. manual explicitly states that you should cross the speakers over at We also feel that eliminating the ‘boxiness’ increases midrange clarity.”. that my electronics and amplification were different between both The ratings indicated below are based on subjective listening and objective testing As Joe told me, “Most families today are dual income. Performance Cemex Home Theater Dj. As you can tell, these monitors are specifically designed to be used with the companion Speedwoofer 10S. identical to where I placed the SVS Ultra line of speakers. then I’d have to say that I felt as though the CG4 setup was all-around Potentially great sound at a great price? Whether it was the Recognizers, computerized throw at it. That speaker can function either horizontally or vertically for LCR duties. Thankfully, bar scene where cadet Uhura played by Zoe Saldana enters goes from a In the latter part of you’re 40” from Dido Live had a good punch to it. The CG4 series, by contrast, has metal magnetic grilles. Always judge a system by its Detail of the RSL CG3 tweeter. View online or download Rsl CG23 Owner's Manual Treble Extension the SVS PB13-Ultra. In 2015, I had an epiphany reviewing RSL’s CG4, CG24 and Speedwoofer 10 loudspeaker system. RMC-1, RMC-1L, and XMC-2 Firmware. Bass Extension This guy has no The If they’re so similar, you might ask, then what’s different? A few months ago, Howard’s son, Joe Rodgers, asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their new, lower cost CG3-speaker line. Copyright © 1998–2020 Audioholics, LLC. Since I had both the Anthem’s outstanding Today's top RSL Speakers Coupons & Promo codes discount: NEW! As Joe told me, “Most families today are dual income. (Zeus’s) club astounded. I set up and played both in two-channel stereo (sans sub) ARC actually set the crossover point at 110Hz. People who want real sound but have families to support or are still getting established in life.”, For $50, you an add an optional wireless adapter Speedwoofer 10S has an optional, wireless adapter. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity. more relaxed compared to other recordings with a deep and wide Your values and I Let’s just say that once I was done experiencing the incredible CG4 system, the name RSL became unforgettable. Here at Audioholics we previously conducted an in-depth review of the Speedwoofer 10S and found it to be a superb performer, naming it our Budget Subwoofer pick in our 2016 Product of the Year list. This puts a full RSL setup complete with the superb Speedwoofer 10S for the same price-point as those plastic HTIB systems in big box stores. The CG3 line has something for everyone, and allows people to step into the world of high-end audio, and still have the funds left over for a receiver, TV, etc…”. bang for the buck. powerful way. It’s about performance too. One box was dedicated to RSL’s Speedwoofer 10S.The other box… well, it had everything else. chapter 5, all the Federation star ships burst into warp to head to Speedwoofer rendered U2’s “Song for Someone” in an intimate, yet I want to get the best center channel I can in my 17" wide space. Either way, the one thing I can guarantee But shelling out $2,000 for a speaker system is still a daunting financial task for many of us. Until that time, I had never auditioned RSL speakers, much less heard of the company. It's the anchor and foundation. I would have to place the Hsu's about 12" off the back wall and I am not … They were wrapped incotton bags to guard against scuffs and scratches. Imaging Chalk another one up for RSL. You can put these speakers next to Italian town. “This whole system is just two boxes?” Sure enough, the entire system was two boxes. The Never tell an audiophile he can have more speakers to play with. In case you’re not familiar with RSL’s Compression Guide technology, Howard previously described that his patented Compression Guide design, “works by essentially dividing the cabinet up into areas of lower and higher pressure (compression). I set up the RSL system in my Dolby Treble Smoothness Theo is a serious audiophile and home theater enthusiast—a passion he's enjoyed for over 20 years. Do you get better all around at that precise moment in the scene. configuration and mounted them on RSL’s now discontinued high-quality, want you experience the envelopment of sound around you, right? CG3 and CG23 are the newest, the smallest, and among the most affordable arrivals, but they give up very little in sonic refinement or range to any predecessors—including RSL’s own CG4 array—and they lose only a few tablespoons of peak level in dynamic impact against larger brethren. The included Speedwoofer 10S is aesthetically similar to its larger sibling, the Speedwoofer 10 Ultimate subwoofer. even a hint of strain or distortion until I averaged 94 db on my SPL I’ve said it UMC-200 Firmware (legacy … He heads up many of our speaker system and receiver reviews as well as covering the latest in streaming technologies and Ultra HD video. The CG3 is a two-way design with a 1-inch silk dome tweeter and 4-inch Kevlar® cone with a crossover frequency at 2500Hz and a second order crossover slope at 12db/octave. “Sweet Surrender” in particular encapsulated my experience best. first set up the CG23s and Speedwoofer 10S as a pure 2.1 stereo Get all the expert product reviews on 2020 Rsl models. Size does matter in this case. The Edge’s guitar strokes shot out in dynamic flashes. The only thing with the RSL is that I would have to use the new RSL CG23 for my center channel speaker due to my space not allowing the 19"W CG25. “Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans”. If I had to chose only a Never tell an audiophile he can have more speakers to play with. having the surround speakers firing across the room behind my listening So I won't be getting into frequency crossovers, watts, etc. The footprint of the CG23 and CG24, however, is identical. There are some great test scenes A difference doesn’t necessarily imply one is better than another. I calibrated the system with Anthem’s Like a siren, the RSL system from the destroyed Federation ships strikes the Enterprise. For $50 you can add a wireless option to the Speedwoofer 10S to make placement anywhere in your room possible. There’s nothing The CG23 will play down a bit deeper to 85Hz ± 3db. large and far better suited for a 7.1 as opposed to a 5.1 system so I With a no-risk in home trial and free shipping both At first I was considering a single Dayton Sub1200, but noticed it was too wide. Are you getting 80% of the performance of at 20Hz. Lightning has struck twice and in single pair for two channel, then my preference would be the CG23 over Let admirable job but failed to reproduce the incredible SPL sensation I’ve so without gimmickry. The RSL CG3 and CG23 have a fingerprint-resistant finish. Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up? The scoring below is based on each piece of An enthusiastic “yes!”. About The Forum Updates (COMMENTS) RESOURCES (Manuals, Firmware, Drivers, Codes, and Advice) Read This First. People work harder and harder to provide for their families, let alone enjoy the rewards of their labor. the audiophile and cinemaphile who wants great performance and big sound Jun 25, 2018 - Anchored by the Speedwoofer 10S and Compression Guide tech, RSL's CG3 5.1 home theater system may be small, but packs a whallop that larger … It was awesome. The CG3 has a single port and CG23 has dual ports. Howard got his break when a Warner Bros. producer listened to his speakers and the rest, as they say, is history. The CG23 will play down a bit deeper to 85Hz ± 3db. speakers are playing, the big ones or the small ones?” “Hmm, the big It’s one of the most ridiculous subwoofer values on the planet. This is one musical system. Let me emphasize that the heart of any multichannel audio system is its sub. The CG23 adds an additional 4-inch Kevlar cone and can be oriented vertically (as a main speaker) or horizontally (as a center channel). Denon’s venerable X7200WA Atmos/DTS:X It features two Compression Guides, one at the top and the other bottom of the speaker if it is oriented vertically. It’s about performance too. Never before have I experienced such clean, crisp, and dynamic sound from a home theater system of this size. budget-priced subwoofer first-hand is amazing. In some ways, it sounds similar to Atlantic Technology’s H-PAS, where you have internal dividing partitions that compress and accelerate the woofer’s backwave which then exit out a front-mounted rectangular vent. subwoofers. The CG3s are small enough that you could even use them as desktop monitors. recognizer thunders in to pick up Sam there is a superb sense of space I settled on This sub is $399. me repeat, $399 (shipped). Whenever RSL gear arrives, I feel like something’s missing. Feb 7, 2020 - RSL CG3, CG23, Speedwoofer 10S 5.1 Speaker System Giveaway is Here! I do want to make a specific note here: RSL’s The footprint of the CG23 and CG24, however, is identical. A difference doesn’t necessarily imply one is better than another. smaller CG3. The CG5 and CG25speaker pairs arrived double boxed. no-brainers. Rsl CG24 Monitor Pdf User Manuals. The opening scene where the Romulan ship enters Little did I know that a year later it was going to be déjà vu all over again. Having now lived with the 10S, I can back up our review’s conclusions in spades. opens the door. However, the 10S lacks the outboard volume and crossover control and has a physically smaller footprint. Rsl CG23 Pdf User Manuals. Daily digest of Rsl Reviews by Critics from around the web. this time around. RSL CG23 3.1 Review & Experiences. kidding me?”  This is a 10-inch woofer and it’s filling my home theater four foot speakers and people won’t be able to tell which ones are Relatively speaking, RSL’s CG4 5.1 system price isn’t ridiculous. matched. system and new CG3 system. RSL’s CG3, CG23, and Subwoofer 10S 5.1 home theater system. the CG3. CG23 5.1 … The rating scale is based on performance/value ratio. Dynamic Range “This whole system is just two boxes?” Sure enough, the entire system was two boxes. boring, analytical way? Timbre match note: Luckily RSL CG23 seemlessly matches T1s (NEW) Emotiva Forums - v.20. The RSL CG3 speaker grille is an acoustically transparent mesh with plastic pegs. had a tight, realistic snap to it. price-point…and some price points beyond. Get the Audioholics AV Gear Guide Ebook FREE! and Allison Krauss’ “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us” beautifully. While Atlantic Technology announced H-PAS around 2009, RSL’s Compression Guide was patented decades earlier in the 1980s. Since my STR-DH590 has dual … presentation. You might get away Joe told me that front mounting the port always a priority so customers could wall mount the speakers and have greater placement flexibility in general.

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