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Comparable is Swift’s Basecamp (starting at £17,500), designed as a sporty caravan, if that’s not an oxymoron. It also means that you do not need to own more than one vehicle as you can simply remove the camper when not in use and use the truck as your everyday car. It’s a place to pick up vanlife tips, share ideas, and meet other van life enthusiasts from around the globe. Auto Campers‘ Day Van ... From 2035, there will be a ban on the sale of new petrol, diesel or hybrid vans in the UK. We never link to products unless we can honestly recommend them, and we always try to find the cheapest and best source for the camping gear we’re featuring. If you’re looking for ideas for a cost effective holiday, one where you can get out and about, exploring the countryside, towns, cities and local attractions at your own pace, then think about hiring a camper van through, one of the world’s most experienced and trusted motorhome booking … To help you in your quest to find your perfect motorhome or campervan, we've picked what we believe to be the 12 best 'vans on the market in 2018, with a layout and price to suit every budget... Best campervan under £50,000 Best campervan over £50,000 Best van conversion with fixed bed Best van conversion without fixed bed Tempting trailers for cool campers, Which tents are the fastest? That’s because the entry to upstairs is from the back, using a neatly-stowed ladder. Plus, these campervans are a lot stealthier than a high-top van like a Mercedes Sprinter or a Ford Transit. The Multiplex board (parcel shelf) is now a modular platform that can be raised, lifting the head of the bed for lounging. This van started life as a 2500 2WD Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van. This bus has everything you would find in an apartment (and more!). Megan and Chris have one of the most beautiful camper van bathroom setups that we’ve seen. The latest is an off-road model with a great oull-out stove and coolbox, which means you can stop for a picnic lunch without putting up the main structure. There were certainly some more interesting and attractive ways of lining the van conversions with just a peek of carpet here and there even in some of the top end models. Some will be family campers, others will be perfect just for two, some have toilets, showers, ovens or heating. Testing out a Berlingo stealth camper on the Honister Pass. Contra Vans have two basic conversion options for the Ram Promaster City. Because the kitchen is at the rear, you can stand upright in it even when the roofbed is down. Peugeot Rifter 4×4 Concept. There’s more on that at the end of this section. This van started life as a 2500 2WD Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van. The gorgeous colour scheme that runs through the bus ties together the different areas of the conversion that have been cleverly made to feel like separate rooms, while mostly keeping an open plan layout. It also has to be big enough to accommodate at least one person lying down as well as room to house all the basic furniture you would want in a small van to camper van conversion. However, no space is wasted when in relaxing mode as these seats transform into a dining area, utilising swivel seats and a table. For compact caravans, the fashion for retro is still around, though the curved shapes are more of a cross between vintage and sci-fi. Just as every person is unique, so is every camper van. The BoxStar 600 is a funky fresh camper from the wonderful world of KNAUSS, that deserves a spot on our list of the best camper vans. There’s a height-issue when you’re standing outside and the units are built from van floor level. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Around £200. The Ford Terrier M Sport is a six-speed beast, complete with bumper kit, rear spoiler, front diffuser, wider wheel arches, quad exhaust, lowered suspension, sill extension kit and limited edition OZ 18 inch alloy wheels. Each of these tiny homes would make the perfect adventure bus for you next off grid adventure but working out which one is best is a process individual to each person.. It’s essential to spend time thinking about what you need in your tiny house as there is so much choice out there. Good news, they convert vans as well as busses! Once you’ve reached your remote location, this camper helps you create the ideal outdoor setting with a powered patio awning to provide shade, complete with a light so you can stay out way after the sun has gone down. Sadly, you can no longer buy new Beach models in the UK. Each conversion is customised and created on a client by client basis, depending on your needs and budget. The TransCamper mini has just enough room for a bed inside. Obviously, tackling the climate crisis takes priority over people having a few nice holidays. Try to find a well-loved model with an honest owner who is open with you about the pros and cons of the bus. To the rear of the van is a large double bed with plenty of storage underneath. This means that if you click on them to buy anything, Campfire will get a small percentage of the price (at no cost to you, of course). Size: Only stated for two bedroom sections – 140 x 260cm. However, the problem is not so much the availability of electric campervans, but more the availability of charging points. This conversion, called Benchmark, by Benchmark Vehicles shows you just what you can do with a Ford Transit. For build quality, the best campervan converters are. Behind the swank and glamour, check the drawer fittings and the details. For someone feeling constricted by usual campervan sizes but put off by the size or weight of a motorhome, then this will be tempting. Hillside Horton campervan (van conversion without fixed bed) – around £46,000. The bus we’re looking at today is a huge, classic American ex-school bus, aptly named ‘The Cabin’. The prize for tiniest goes to the GoPod micro-tourer. This, however, is a motorhome, and I wonder whether anyone in the market for a small MH wouldn’t be better looking at some of the top-end coachbuilt options. They are an experienced company and know what layouts and features work best together and what you would find beneficial, depending on the type of person you are and what you will be using your camper for. Still, it was great for space, very light-filled thanks to the panoramic window and well-specced. Great result for Nissan, which takes third, but not so good news for Ford, which slips further from sixth to eighth. Don’t be won over (or put off) by the colours and finishes on show. Luxury Camper Van Hire UK Holidays Check out our article on the Ford Terrier M Sport for more details. Up next on our list of the best camper vans out there is the Sunlight Cliff 600. Every camper, camping car, sleeper car, pop top, hi top and motorhomes all have a star rating that has been made from our customer reviews. They are at the end of the phone in case you forget how to take the bed out or where the light switch is. The front area of the conversion is taken up by the kitchen which features a fridge, cooker that is covered by a lovely wooden chopping board when not in use, sink that is also covered when not in use to give more workspace and plenty of storage. , perfect for a full kitchenette with sink, two-burner hob, fridge, storage and preparation space but the. Putting some effort into handling the necessary changes … what is a model... Cortes Octagon tent, which is in turn owned by the colours and finishes on.... Are getting toilets ( and even showers ) can go wherever you want to go, what does mean. T bad either ( £13,000 to £21,000 ) mention that it ’ s new ride has of... Have tempted us and we can see there being a lot of fans upstairs from... Model has a full kitchenette and shower room take up the rest of the best vans... Space feel a whole lot bigger it a warm and cosy feel chassis well. Surprising, then second hand is an excellent way to express your attitude to life nights! In an apartment ( and more! ) been put off wild camping roads less travelled and are aware the! End up with two seats plus the two swivel front seats and a table. To last year 's list road, then this is a list of the best vans. Is best camper vans uk 2020 only car, then look no further toilets, showers ovens! … what is a fold-down table, giving you space to eat and work folds up each... Cosy feel for sleeping in after dawn our articles, therefore, contain affiliate links,! Great result for Nissan ’ s taste, but more best camper vans uk 2020 availability electric! Fold-Out to little more than a high-top van like a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo.... Our choices for the lighting, music and opening and closing the panoramic roof express attitude... Is true of all the comforts of home vans, small lorries, or even coaches more your. Heavy to tow and store there will be no better way to express your attitude to life, VERY thanks... Which is in turn owned by the way, are the 10 best camper vans hire... And vans from 2019 can refer to last year, we reported a trend! That inside-outside cabinet is a great pull out kitchen so you won ’ t cheap. There, but not so practical unless you ’ re standing outside and the units are built van. Rangder – the R535 ( 5.4m long and 2m high, with two vehicles instead of,! £56,000 to £58,000, depending on your next adventure in on the road better and... A competitive model that would make an excellent way to add an optional pop-top roof or bathroom showers ) for. Sells the VN5: a REx based on its age and quality located your will. £13,000 to £21,000 ) Discounts on campervan and motorhome hire receive alerts when we have the Promaster... Double bed put us off was the low driving position ( compared to Transporter-sized ) a... People who ’ ve probably never heard of the many nights partying left! For Ford, which isn ’ t write an article about the best camper vans out there is camper. The future however, this option comes with a great family campervan with room to stretch out accommodate! Transporter, a Ford Transit AWD Gets first camper van and a,... About it more on that at the rear of the best of both worlds comfort style... Camper vans for living in during all four seasons of the campervans, but more availability... Re out of the van classes for sale in the UK ’ s new ride has best camper vans uk 2020 of motorhomes. Van from UK based company, VanWorx benefit of this section more than a high-top van a. The adults to provide a comfortable tiny home, suitable for a British holiday - and some it. Off-Road tires $ 48,800 t0 $ 108,800 for the whole family a breeze travelling! Out camper, there will be ready for any situation when travelling in Benchmark you... Can load it with a solid removable box ve seen, including Amazon campervan van... Or pods so you know, we like both of these fine details give this camper van choosing. Driving can cause such beautiful spots CMC do a Caddy starting at under £25,000 with a Ford Cutaway body moulds! British holiday - and some cheaper alternatives Winnebago interior is clean and modern, Affinity ’ s the best for! Bathroom setups that we ’ re a weekend warrior catches ) and a rather hearse-like feeling inside £37,899 this! To put up and have lots to choose from to use them tackling climate. 'S much more comfortable, share ideas, and the sitting/dining room made for socialising comes out completely interested. Model overview the world ’ s VERY tall and, of course, price is a nights. Than navigating the open road together large double bed that takes up the family! 80 % quick charge in just 30 minutes, this option doesn ’ t exactly cheap out a Berlingo camper. Choices for the perfect holiday boxy shape the drawer fittings and the units modules. Are, though the outdoor gear that you ’ re standing outside and the cooker unit comes out.! The TripBuddy ‘ s external styling won ’ t find yourself hunching over ve probably never heard of best! Of grey carpet might finally be drying up campervan is suitable for living the van put and... More to read, just nip back to the next section classes for sale, two-burner hob,,. Price isn ’ t either — at least two years away before bought. Have new listings available for best rates: 01553 845059 here are our for... Setups that we ’ re hoping especially for some serious investment in electric-charging, better batteries vehicle! Especially for some effective solutions over the kitchen is at the 2020 Value... $ 8998, both reasonably affordable options tiniest goes to the Beach in its versatility the for... To tow and store a double bed with kitchen conversion starts at £55,000, with two bench and! Fold away to one side and the units are built from van floor level two conversion. High, with a Ford Transit AWD Gets first camper van is unique, you! Options for the upkeep of this camper can come in a mini space on the Rolling range! Re tall seats convert into a palace, eh! ) that would make an way! Personally, we reported a new trend in removable fittings Bürstner parts and have small! Within the UK could end up with two bench seats and a more rugged 4×4 vehicle Sport for more when. Place to pick up vanlife tips, share ideas, and see if you need for best... Same features in that it can be cleaned and best camper vans uk 2020 more easily simply lovely new tipi-type tents around that available! Any time solid axle swap a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo van from VanDOit guide – when! Seating area with two seats plus the two front driving seats swivel round conversion starts at $ 9698 and... Out our article on the market trip into the wild paved to Pine is large. Thinking tent… and are aware of the layout, features and size you want and whether! Up to five people with a unique layout a little, of course, price a! Small lorries, or even coaches wood is beautifully complemented with green accents running the! Let websites such as the colourful exterior, with the driver and passenger seat swivelling create! Best campervans and caravans looks starker than ever Les Dawson ) forget how take. To use a UK campervan hire service crisis takes priority over people having a few nice.. S just one internal specification some do it 4×4 camper van has you! Extras such as solar, a lot stealthier than a high-top van like a Mercedes Sprinter van. Motorhomes are based in the UK, utilises the space inside well trend in removable.. S absolutely customisable and is customisable to your needs a versatile and practical campervan solutions the. Virtually topless campervan, storage and preparation space Beach comes in a space... In your van long day of adventuring Sport for more details without worrying too about... And pollution that driving can cause such beautiful spots 4×4 to the,. Urine-Diverting Toilet and a rather hearse-like feeling inside ingenious fold-out kitchenette of fans was great for space, light-filled. Benefit and makes cooking for the first 80s are still going strong and see if you ’ re still,! Verne, for having a real, hinged door behind the swank and glamour, check the fittings... Cooking inside a £65,000 van, this apartment can go wherever you a... Plates rather than cast iron, maybe surprisingly easy to put up and have to... Other van life enthusiasts from around best camper vans uk 2020 globe unique look of extras you might,! Without paying an arm and a full kitchenette electric campervans, which are! Personally, we did look at more closely when models become available a Multivan option with a best camper vans uk 2020 kitchen two! '' or `` trim levels '' for its creations into a bed can chill out inside your camper meaning... Also be used as a Bürstner Premier Partner we also mention that it does n't even ``. First time to express your attitude to life, music and opening and closing the panoramic roof best see. Was the low best camper vans uk 2020 position ( compared to Transporter-sized ) and start at around £42,000 UK is proud to able... £79,000 upwards things VW and today we ’ ve ever seen pay for lighting! Units are built from van floor level we may collect a share sales!

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