Committed to Personal and Professional Excellence, Meditation Miracles is serving humanity to reach higher level of consciousness. Our one day and two days program caters to the needs of Working Professionals, Singles, Couples, Housewives, Kids and Teenagers. Our endeavour is to help everyone attain peace and bliss through self enlightenment. At Meditation Miracles we are inspiring people to realize their ultimate potential, in the inner and outer world.

  • Calms Mind, Reduces Stress, Increases Inner Peace and Improves Creativity
  • Deepens our connections with Ourselves and the world around us
  • Nurtures Higher levels of clarity , harmony and joy
  • Helps to expand beyond the inner stories and emotions that limit our experience
  • Offers us a journey to growth , discovery and new experiences
  • Increases efficiency at work to great extent
  • Increases Self Awareness
  • Improves Concentration
  • Encourages Healthy Lifestyle

Stress and Anger Management

Relationship and Work Management

Night Meditation


Efficiency and Goal Management

Experiencing The Higher Self

Experiencing The Inner sound Om