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Committed to Personal and Professional Excellence, Meditation Miracles is serving humanity to reach higher level of consciousness. Our one day and two days program caters to the needs of Working Professionals, Singles, Couples, Housewives, Kids and Teenagers. Our endeavour is to help everyone attain peace and bliss through self enlightenment. …

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Why Should I Do It ?

This question is as simple as “Why should I seek a Happy, Relaxed, Peaceful and Enriched Life”? Just that we are not able to connect the dots sometimes. Meditation brings :

  • Relaxed state of Mind
  • Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Positive Relationships
  • Understanding of your being

In a nutshell, it is the Key to Blissful Living!

How Much Time ?

After spending so many years we concluded that once you know it, no need to spare extra time for this divine activity. You can be in meditation while working in office, shop or factory, playing with kids, exercising, dancing or even sleeping. This is the only knowledge we wish to share that it is very simple, no extra time required and everyone can do it and moreover whatever you have done after that is simply perfect.

Who Can Do It.?

  • Meditation means no doing, no thinking, no feeling, just being. It is a very simple phenomenon; just an understanding.It is not a technique, just pure awareness. Techniques are helpful just to prepare ourselves to be in awareness. These are needed to transcend mind; to enter into space, which is a state of no-mind. So meditation is a state of being, when we are not doing anything, not at any level; i.e. body, mind, emotions etc.
  • Meditation is so easy that everyone can, and should do it. It is an effortless effort. It is awakened sleep. It is ‘Here and Now’.

Meditation – The Only Solution

Meditation solves every problem of your life.
When you stop to look for answers outside and start to look for them within you, you will always find them with the help of meditation, no matter how hard your problems are. And the answers you find through meditation are always the one that is in perfect sync with your inner self.

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